Value of Summer Olympics gold medals [infographic]

In the spirit of the Summer Olympics, this blog post is not related to social media marketing, usability, web development or SEO. What we wanted to do here is to show an infographic detailing the podium/face values (the money value of gold and silver for each medal) of the Summer Olympic Games gold medals since 1912.The IOC (International Olympic Committee) requires the Olympic gold medal to contain a minimum of 6 grams of gold and about 92.5% silver. The Rome Olympics (1960) gold medal contained a bronze ring which we did not account for in our calculations; whereas, 6% of the London 2012 Olympics gold medal consists of copper.

Based on our research, the 1920 Antwerp Olympics gold medal was the least expensive one (in terms of the purchasing power value in 2012) while the 2012 London Olympics gold medal was the most expensive Olympic medal that has ever been created since the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm.

The Stockholm 1912 Olympics gold medal was the last gold medal made entirely of gold. Since then, the gold medals mainly consist of silver with a thin coat of gold – 6 grams is the minimum requirement.

Value of Summer Olympics Gold Medals [Infographic]

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