Top 4 WordPress themes for letting agencies

Top 4 WordPress Themes For Letting AgenciesIt’s no secret that a well built website can lead to increased sales and turning over apartments to tenants. Most property investment companies and letting agents are educated in the world of property, but not in the world of web design. WordPress is a unique content management system that has afforded several agents with the opportunity to build appealing and easy to use websites. If you’re familiar with WordPress but have often found yourself lost in which direction to go when it comes to web design, you may find one of these four WordPress themes quite useful, and easy to use and update.

1. WP Pro Real Estate

Cost: $40

Built for both the real estate and letting agent in mind, the WP Pro Real Estate theme ( is comforting on the eyes and easy to read, while keeping most of the forms that are necessary for searching your database off of the homepage, which allows users to find out a little more about you and your business.

2. Elegant Real Estate

Cost: $35

The Elegant Real Estate theme ( is perfect for the letting agents that rely on their pictures to get their properties off of the market. With eye catching photo sliders, you can feature several listings on the homepage, while still allowing users to search through your entire database at any time. This is the ideal theme when you often find yourself with a listing that needs to go fast, since the homepage offers an area for listing.

3. Modern Realtor

Cost: $35

For those who are only listing a handful of properties at once, this simple javascript slider gives you an easy to use menu, as well as a standout area that lets you feature your properties right on the homepage. Modern Realtor ( also gives the user the ability to easily navigate around your listings and only reading what they’re interested in.

4. AgentPress

Cost: $99.95

Built for the experienced web user in mind, AgentPress ( allows letting agents to fully customize their own website, while still having the ability to place a simple property search on their homepage. For those who have the time to work on their website, this would be the ideal way to go in terms of customization options.

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Author: Tanya Harris

Tanya Harris is a writer for Your Property Club, one of the top property investment companies in the UK. She is a work at home mom and enjoys writing about saving money, wise investment ideas, and financial planning.