Benefits of using web hosting companies located abroad

Benefits of using web hosting companies located abroadThere is a number of benefits involved in setting up a web hosting account abroad rather than in your own country. Just because certain web hosting companies are not located in the country where you conduct business operations does not necessarily mean they are the best web hosts you can find. A few of the advantages of using or at least considering a web hosting company outside of your country of residence are listed below:

1. Potentially Lower Price

Oftentimes web hosting companies outside of your national borders are cheaper than the ones in your own country. Many readers of this article are probably based out of the UK, and it is true that sometimes excellent web hosting deals can be found outside of the United Kingdom; however, it is important to make sure that foreign web hosting providers offer a full range of services that you are looking for.

2. Legal Advantages

There are certain legal advantages to having your website hosted overseas, especially from a tax point of view. It is important to consult with an attorney to find out what various tax advantages are for the particular country you are considering. There may in fact be a number of different legal elements, so it makes sense to investigate all local laws before making a move.

3. Customer Service

Some foreign web hosts may offer superior customer service. That is a very important motivator that should be considered when looking for a web server hosting. Customer service is quite an important aspect when selecting a web hosting company. Everyone needs a customer service that will not let you down and be there when problems arise. Customer service professionals need to be able to communicate well and to resolve issues on time.

One point to make about foreign web server hosting and customer service is that it is always the best option if the web hosting company offers a 24 hour customer service, so that differences in time zones do not prevent issues from being dealt with in real time. Website hosts issues don’t discriminate as to the times they choose to occur, so neither should your customer service. If the service does have set hours, make sure you at least know what those are.

4. International/Global Approach

Having a foreign web hosting company generally gives your web experience a global feel. While it is not necessarily essential or absolutely required, getting a feel of working globally is a good experience and gives you an expanded sense of what the web is all about. It also allows you to make contacts with people related to your web business on an international level.

For all these reasons, you might want to consider using a foreign provider for your web hosting needs. The advantages it can provide and the experience of using a foreign provider can prove valuable and helpful, whether you are just getting into online business or have been present online for a while.

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