5 ways to improve employee productivity

5 ways to improve employee productivityAll businesses understand the importance of a productive workforce; it is vital not only to the reputation and success of the business, but it is also an indication of how happy the workers are in your company. It is why any sign of the productivity dropping should be investigated as soon as possible and resolved.

There are a few ways you can achieve this, and here are a few of those ideas, to get your company back on track.

Show accountability

In some cases, productivity can be affected by a lack of clear accountability. If your managers are giving orders that are too ambiguous, then your workers may not be sure just who is responsible for what task.

It is important that your managers give specific orders to each worker so that they know who is doing what job. It will not only make them feel more responsible, but it will also make them aware of where the accountability rests.

Motivate with gamification

A good way to motivate your teams quickly is to make their productivity part of a contest. If you keep a board with the different employees and their total production over the week or month, you can award prizes for the best.

You will find that this competition will quickly lead to higher production, especially if you are offering prizes that your employees want. You should, however, always make sure that the end product is still up to the required standard.

Give and receive feedback

Once you have given orders to your workers, it is important to see how those orders were received. Ask your workers if they understood what was being asked of them, and did they feel supported during the work.

It is also vital for your managers to feedback to your workers how they did and if there were any areas they needed to improve. By giving and receiving this feedback, you can iron out any issues with communication and productivity.

Treat your workers like humans

There is an issue that some companies are guilty of, and that is micromanaging their teams. Your workers need to know what they need to do, but they also need the space to do it. By constantly overseeing what they are doing, you will make your workers uneasy and unhappy.

Remember to give them the correct instructions the first time, and make it clear that if they have any issues, they can go to a manager. That will eliminate the need to micromanage.

Provide the correct equipment

You cannot expect your workers to give their best performance if the tools they use are not up to the job. You need to check all the tools and computers and see if they need replacing or upgrading.

It may be that you need to upgrade the software or hardware of your computer systems. Components such as memory can be obtained from companies such as offtek.co.uk. Upgrades can not only make your computers more efficient, but they will also improve your worker’s productivity.

By taking such decisive action, you can quickly stop the drop in productivity and make your workers happier as a result.

Author: John Miller

John oftentimes takes the lead as the Agile Project Manager and SEO expert, which allows him to be hands-on with the latest trends.