3 Ways for Dummies to Get a Website

3 Ways for Dummies to Get a WebsiteThe online world can sometimes seem like an intimidating place for those that are inexperienced in technology. With so many people advising on the best ways to set up and run your website, it can be easy to get confused and not know where to start. There is no need to worry; it is quite easy to have the website you want regardless of what you are going to do. With many sites out there that can help you, here are some of the ways you can use them to get an optimised website for your business or personal needs.

Start with an idea

You don’t need any technical experience to have a website, all you need is an idea and the tools to help you. Think about what your website is going to do, will it be a blog or are you going to have it for your business? The easiest way to start is by trying to think of what you want the site to contain. If you are running a blog, you may want to have a gallery for images or show your Twitter and Instagram feed. If the site is for your company, will you be selling your products on the site and will you want a blog? Plus, will customers be able to use it to contact you? At this point, you just need to write a list of requirements and look at other business sites as examples; the rest can be dealt with when you get to the design.

Build your website

Building a website has come a long way over the past few years; for example, you don’t need to know any coding or have any experience to build the site you want. You have a couple of options open to you when it comes to getting started. Once option you can choose is building your website through WordPress or Wix; they not only have a huge array of features that you can add to your site, but they also have easy to use menu options that allow you to select what you want including colours and fonts. If this even sounds daunting to you, then you can ask for a company to build a site for you. Just give them the details of what you want to appear on the site, and they will go through it with you until you have what you want.

Host your site

Your finished site is a collection of files that need somewhere to be stored so that it can be uploaded to the internet and work effectively. By far the simplest and easiest way to do this is to have a host look after your site for you, and ensure there is as little downtime as possible. For example, you can use hosting sites such as bestwebhosting.co.uk who can take your site and host it on their servers at minimal costs. The benefit of using a company like this is that you don’t have to be knowledgeable; they’ll ensure your website is running to the best of its ability.


It has never been easier for someone to have a website. If you want to promote your business or get your message out to people with a blog, you can do so without any technical knowledge. All you need is an idea, so don’t be put off, give it a go.

Author: Mark Cavanagh

Mark Cavanagh is a Social Media and Digital Marketing enthusiast and a serial guest blogger on several blogs. He is also a lifelong Manchester United fan!