3 Key Things to Include In Any Marketing Plan

3 Key Things to Include In Any Marketing PlanMarketing is part of the foundation of any business or organisation with the hopes of becoming successful. This is because, without an effective marketing plan, the visibility of a business is left down to sheer luck and word of mouth which aren’t always guaranteed. For this reason, whether you’re at the incipient stages of starting a business or looking for new ways to promote an existing business, a marketing plan is essential. It is more or less a manual that tells you how to get your business noticed by the people who need your products and services the most and how to go about it step by step. On that note, this blog post is going to list three key things to include in your marketing plan.

Your target customers

It is unlikely that any business will survive without any customers, so knowing who they are is key when coming up with a marketing plan. You should, therefore, use your marketing plan to clearly define your target audience and explore who they are, what age range they’re in, what their interests happen to be, and what kind of product and services they’d be interested in. You can find this out by doing research, carrying out opinion polls and surveys, as well as doing a bit of social listening. Your marketing plan should show that you have a good understanding of your target market and can be translated into one or more target audience profiles.

Marketing materials

When devising a marketing plan, the materials you’re going to use to promote your business and create awareness are essential. Depending on the nature of your business, they could range from promotional materials to software if need be. You should also note that no matter how digital the world has become, you will still need printed materials for any marketing you’ll be doing offline. This means you’ll likely need to come up with a business card design and print business cards in addition to brochures, leaflets, your website and also catalogs. Ensuring these materials are a good representation of your business and of decent quality is also key when devising your plan.

Online marketing strategy

Digital is quickly taking over, and if you don’t want to be left behind as a business, it is imperative that you keep up with the rapid movement. When devising your marketing plan, it is, therefore important that you come up with an online marketing strategy that details how you’re going to promote your business online. A significant amount of this is likely going to require a plan for incorporating SEO into your website or blog in order to generate an influx of traffic. Other things to think about when devising a digital marketing strategy are carrying out in-depth research and analysis, an engagement plan, creative concept and development, and then an action plan to bring it to life.

Marketing can take your business to another level if done properly. On the other hand, the failure to devise a strong plan could lead to minimal exposure, fewer sales than you’d hope for and not reaching your greatest potential as a business. Hopefully, by following some of the tips in this marketing plan, you’ll be able to achieve your objectives as a business.

Author: John Miller

John oftentimes takes the lead as the Agile Project Manager and SEO expert, which allows him to be hands-on with the latest trends.