Security Manager – system monitoring software

Security Manager software application is intended for centralised monitoring and control of all computer users and companies’ computer park. An integrated software tracks and records in real-time users’ activity, movement of information and the status of workstations as well as blocks unauthorised operations.

Centralised Management Console allows the user (administrator or security officer) to supervise the work of all the agents of the system.

The Main Features of the System

The system allows:

  • To track operations with usage of confidential information within enterprise resource
  • To restrict (prohibit) certain actions of users in relations to the movement of confidential information, as well as to prevent the possibility of leakage
  • To monitor creation/changing/deleting of files to avoid unauthorised events in the file system or user documents
  • To track changes in the registry
  • To exercise full control of removable devices (Floppy, CD/DVD, USB)
  • To control running processes
  • To control applications of network activity (personal firewall)
  • To detect spyware and to deal effectively with it
  • To exercise full control of outgoing e-mail (including web-mail)
  • To produce hidden copy of removable devices
  • To control web-traffic
  • To exercise full control of printing (back up printed information; block printing of the document depending on its content)
  • To monitor work on your keyboard (keylogger)
  • To conduct inventory of installed software, hardware components and collect statistics on the applications
  • To correlate security events from all components of the system with all installed in the network agents and the events in the OS system log
  • To monitor remote desktop
  • To reflect a wide range of attacks: port scanning, buffer overflow, Trojans, worms, DDoS/DoS-attacks, etc
  • To promptly notify the user of suspicious events (Mail/ICQ/SMS, phone call)
  • To send “suspicious” files to software developer for research and receive reports about them
  • To update software in automatic or manual mode

Security Manager - system monitoring software

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